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This curtain has a clear view section at uppermost body height to allow you to see out but also retains your privacy. Curtain works seamlessly with no worrys on shower hooks hanging up. 100 percent satisfied. Now I have a curtain with no problems, shower rod that increases shower space and dispensing unit that totally eliminates bottle clutter and product waste.

I really can't find anything I don't like about the LAGUTE Groucho Travel Leather Cigar Humidor. It is definitely classy looking, small enough to fit in a suitcase or travel bag. The craftsmanship is excellent and even though the two removable cedar wood trays only allow six cigars, you can easily accommodate more by simply removing either one or both of the trays. I love it!

Love this shower curtain so much, the shower curtain material is very nice, i especially like that the liner is detachable and can be washed. The small amount of water that splashes on the curtain does not soak through the material at all. The see through top part lets in light, creating the illusion of more space in the shower. I would definately recommend this shower curtain.

Buy it! High quality leather, cedar trays, and the whole fit and finish. You’ll know it the second you see it and touch it. The only one thing I would improve is if it had a pouch for a cigar cutter. But not a deal breaker and one would fit inside. You will not regret this purchase! Very high end looking and compact to carry. Looks way more expensive than the price reflects.

I'm so very pleased with this snaphook curtain! The built-in liner is so nice, and the company was so kind to already have the hooks and the liner installed; I had to do nothing except put it on the rod! Such a relief for a not-so-handy gal as me! I get so frustrated with those shower hooks! It looks so lovely in my bathroom! I believe it's a good width and length. Thanks so much!

It is not only beautiful, but it does the job like a pro. My cigar buddy's are now jealous of me, that they want to get one too. The leather finish makes it look so elevated. It is well built, the cedar wood smells awesome. I can fit up to 6 cigars with the water older included. The best thing is the hygrometer. It let me know the humidity inside. You will regret not getting this travel humidor.