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Lagute "Lofoten Waterproof Dry Bag 2
Lagute "Lofoten Waterproof Dry Bag
Lagute "Lofoten Waterproof Dry Bag 4
Lagute "Lofoten Waterproof Dry Bag 6
Lagute "Lofoten Waterproof Dry Bag 3
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Lagute "Lofoten Waterproof Dry Bag 6
Lagute "Lofoten Waterproof Dry Bag 7

Lofoten Waterproof Dry Bag, Camouflage

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  • Premium Quality: Lagute dry bag is made of 100% waterproof high quality material with extremely abrasion resistance. Easy to carry with hand-held or shoulder-backpack way, your trusted friends during the outdoor adventures.

  • Breakthrough Design: Different from general waterproof sack, Lagute dry bag with a unique design of PVC lining offers you a better water proof protection for its highly air-tightness in any cases. There is no need to worry about your stuff, just seal the bag properly and enjoy your outdoor time!

  • All in One: 10-liter capacity is available for keeping many things during an outdoor activity in a lot of places, personal valuables can be placed in the unique dry isolation bag of your dry sack.

  • Let It Floated: If you are during a single journey and worrying about your bag might be stolen or missed, take it with you into the water and keep it floated around you. Leave some room with air before sealing, roll & fasten the top 3-4 times and then the bag is ready to go.

  • Easily Finding Your Items: Unlike most dry bags in the market, our products boast humanized transparent material design which helps for finding your stuff effortlessly during a vacation.

We Got What You Want For Your Outdoor Reliable Partner!
Lagute Waterproof Dry Bags is your choice of wisdom for Swimming, Hiking, Kayaking, Fishing and other outdoor activities.

Here are the top reasons why you need one:
* Truly 100% waterproof: Reliable high quality waterproof material and unique PVC liner design will let no water into the bag with proper use.
* Dry Wet Isolation Bag: Put your high priority valuables in the isolation pocket if you need to separate it from wet stuff in bag.
* Easy to use: 1. Put the items into the bag and seal it tightly.
         2. Roll the top 3-4 times.
         3. Bend and fasten the snap-buckle.
* Easy to carry: Carry the dry sack in ideal way you like, hand-held way or pack it up with adjustable shoulder strap on your back.

Package Includes:
1 x Lagute Dry Bag
1 x Adjustable Shoulder Strap


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