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Lagute LEDGo DIY Linear Modular Power Cord
Lagute LEDGo DIY Linear Modular Power Cord
Lagute LEDGo DIY Linear Modular Power Cord

Lagute LEDGo DIY Linear Modular Power Cord

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CREATE YOUR OWN FIXTURE: Lagute LEDGo linear LED fixtures allow you to customize the lighting based on the interior decor, brightness, and room configuration.

DIVERSE APPLICATIONS: You can hang this LED light tube from the ceiling of your house or office, or mount them on a wall, in a closet, or under a cabinet for optimal visibility.

BRIGHT COOL LIGHT COLOR: Each LED linear light is covered with a large number of LED bead units, providing the most extreme flicker free lighting in a 3500/5000K white color.

ENERGY EFFICIENT FIXTURE: Unlike traditional fluorescent lights, Lagute LEDGo bright LED light is a more economical, energy-saving and environmentally friendly solution.

KEEP THIS IN MIND: LED lighting fixtures are sharp to some extent, that’s why we would like to remind you to use gloves during the installation to avoid unnecessary injuries.

We Are Committed To Bringing You A Better, Healthier, And More Energy-Efficient DIY Light World!

Lagute LEDGo presents you with these premium DIY linear LED lights that will bring you a totally different high-quality lighting experience and add a modern touch to your space. Feel free to customize the LED light fixtures in order to create the most suitable layer for your house, office and any indoor environment. The eco-friendly, flicker-free LED fixtures will emit a bright, well distributed light that will brighten up your space.

Installation Instructions
Wire Hanging:

1. Dig a hole on the ceiling, install the plastic screw cap
2. Install the metal hat of the hanging cable on the surface of the ceiling
3. Screw the hanging cable on the metal hat
4. Install the clips on the bottom of the hanging cable
5. Press the linear lighting fixture in the clips

Surface/Wall Mount:
1. Draw a line to fix the fixture and make a hole on the wall, and press in the plastic screw cap
2. Use the + screwdriver to fix the clips to the wall
3. Press the LED light tube in the clips

Note: For more senior installations of letter type lighting, please refer to the product manual for details.

Package Includes:

1 x 5.9ft Power Cord 

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Note: Avoid power circuits when installing combined light fixtures for electrical safety!