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1ft 3500K
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1ft 3500K

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CUSTOMIZABLE LIGHTING: Use our variety of linkable LED lights to make your own stylish, LED lighting designs. No electrician needed! 

EASY TO INSTALL: Use the included mounting brackets to hang your LED fixture from the ceiling or mount directly on the wall. You could also mount the lights in a closet or under a cabinet to brighten up those hard-to-reach spaces. 

ENERGY EFFICIENT: These LED lights require very little power to operate and have a long-lasting lifespan of 30,000 hours, or 10 years at 6 hours of operation per day.

SUPER BRIGHT: Each section of lighting is equipped with hundreds of LED beads in order to provide you with the brightest lighting with flicker-free performance common with other LED light fixtures. 

FREE POWER CORD: The power cord is not included, so be sure to add it to your cart together with modular lights. Receive one power cord for FREE if you purchase 2 or more lights, all you have to do is add them both to cart and no code needed.

Lagute LEDGo Linkable LED System

We Are Committed To Bringing You A Better, Healthier, And More Energy-Efficient DIY Light World!

Lagute LEDGo presents you with these premium DIY linear LED lights that will bring you a totally different high-quality lighting experience and add a modern touch to your space. Feel free to customize the LED light fixtures in order to create the most suitable layer for your house, office and any indoor environment. The eco-friendly, flicker-free LED fixtures will emit a bright, well-distributed light that will brighten up your space.


We boast Linear Lights and Letter-Shape(L/T/X/Y) Lights

  • Linear Lights with 2 different color temperature(3500K/5000K) are both the core of the DIY modular lights. It can meet the need of regular and symmetrical graphics DIY creation in a large area. It also applies to small areas like wardrobes, night lights, studios, etc.
  • Letter-Shape(L/T/X/Y) Lights with 5000K Cool White Color can be the connector of the light bar introduced above. Its emergence can bring more kinds and more unique designs. Meet the needs of personality, irregular DIY creations.

Hexagonal HoneycombLagute Perfect for Office, Basement, Photo Studio, Closet, Warm White

The combination of letter type lights and liner lights is too complicated for you to install?

Learn from the Hexagon Example For Ceiling or Wall-Mounted, a single one Hexagonal shape can be built with:

  • 6 x L Letter-Shape LEDGo Lights
  • 1 x Power Cord (At Least)

Discover and create more!



Lagute LEDgo Effect

Wire Hanging Installation Instructions:
1. Dig a hole on the ceiling, install the plastic screw cap
2. Install the metal hat of the hanging cable on the surface of the ceiling
3. Screw the hanging cable on the metal hat
4. Install the clips on the bottom of the hanging cable
5. Press the linear lighting fixture in the clips

Note: For surface/wall mount and more senior installations of letter type light, please refer to the product manual for details.

Length: 1 Feet
Power: 10W
Color Temperature: 3500K Warm White
Lumens: 1000 LM
Beam Angle: 97 Degree
Voltage: 100-264V
Dimensions: 13.58” x 2.36” x 2.17”
Weight: 0.97 pound

Package Includes:
1 x Lagute LEDGo Lighting Fixture
2 x Slings
2 x Snap Joints
1 x Connector
1 x Connector Hat
4 x Screws (2 long screws & 2 short screws)
2 x Screw Caps
2 x Plastic Anchors
1 x Power Cord

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Note: Avoid power circuits when installing combined light fixtures for electrical safety!