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Lagute SnapHook Stijl Hookless Shower Curtain
Lagute SnapHook Stijl Hookless Shower Curtain Removable Liner
Weight Added Thicker Liner
 The weighted liner design keeps the curtains in place.
Machine Washable
Product Dimensions: 71(W)*74(L) inches/180(W)*188(L) cm

Lagute SnapHook Stijl Hookless Shower Curtain, Gold Triangles

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Stijl Collection: Designed with premium quality weave fabric, the Stijl Collection gives you more options to keep your style on point while keeping your floor dry. Applicable to contemporary home and hotel decor.

Hookless Design & Replaceable liner: Hanging up a shower curtain has never been easier! Effortlessly hook up the shower curtain in seconds thanks to our "SnapHook" hookless design. The shower curtain liner is removable by releasing the snap-in buckles. Replacement PEVA liners can be bought separately from us.

Weighted Shower Curtain: Are you tired of flimsy shower curtains that blow around and stick to your body? Here at Lagute, we’ve solved this issue by upgrading the liner to a thicker and heavier design based on real customer feedback. Now, our curtains are sturdier than ever before!

Easy Cleaning: The 100% polyester outer shower curtain and the PEVA snap-in liner are both machine washable on gentle. Please note: Only iron the outer polyester part of the shower curtain.

Bright & Clean Shower: The mesh sheer window allows plenty of light comes in the shower while keeping privacy. The see-through window also helps water evaporation and let the shower curtain dries out quickly.

Equip Your Bathroom With The Ultimate Shower Curtain For Your Family!

There are many reasons why the Lagute shower curtain belongs in your bathroom but here are the TOP 3!


  • Quick & Easy To Use – Simply install it and remove it in seconds with no rings or hooks required!
  • Sturdy design: The weighted liner design keeps the curtains in place.
  • Waterproof & Removable Liner – Simply detach and attach our snap-in liner for easy cleaning and a fully moisture-proof function.


Here's How You Can Extend The Life Of Your Shower Curtain Even Longer:


  • Keep the curtain out of the tub and fully unfold it after using it
  • Disconnect the curtain from its snap liner when laundering and cleaning
  • Use only oxygen bleach if possible
  • Tumble dry or iron with the lowest setting


In fact, although cleaning the entire curtain at once is certainly possible, it's far easier to take apart the PEVA liner and wash it by hand and throw the curtain in the washing machine. Use warm water in gentle mode, low-temperature drying and low-temperature ironing (PEVA liner is prohibited ironing).

Here's What You Get:

1 x Shower Curtain

1 x PEVA Liner (weight added)

Technical Specifications :

Product Dimensions: 71(W)*74(L) inches/180(W)*188(L) cm

Material: Polyester (Shower Curtain) + PEVA (Liner)

Color: Gold Triangles

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