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Free Trial Program Introduction

Love free products? Who doesn't! LAGUTE is always looking for those who are: reliable, communicative, honest and constructive to post product reviews. We're actively looking for reviewers interested in LAGUTE’s products. Try our products. Share your experience. Help us get it right!


How it works

Tell something about you or your review experiences, submit your application form for our approval.   Receive our free samples to do a detailed, attractive and fair review. Include the design, quality and performance etc… Editorial article or video is acceptable. And please make sure link back to Lagute website or Amazon shop.   Post your review on Amazon or your website, or share it on your social media, send us a feedback via email.


How to get approved

It all depends on your field of expertise. We’ll have a look at your product request and previous performance. If there’s a good match, we’ll ship the product to you for FREE. Alternatively, you can buy the item with a massive discount first. After the review is online and it performs well, we’ll be more than happy to reimburse you the full amount. As long as we’re both happy with the program, we’ll email you with news on our very latest products in your chosen area to see if you’d be happy to receive it for review.


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1. Personal Information:

2. Link to the user profile relevant to your review history:

3. Review invitations will be sent according to the data below:

I actively contribute to or participate in (please include links to your posts)

4. We'd love to learn more about you so that we can offer products more relevant to your interests.

5. How did you hear about the Free Trial program?